Race & Poetry & Poetics in the UK



Friday 26th October | | | Bowett Room, Queens’ College | | |

* The Bowett Room is on the first floor of Queens’ College. There is no step-free access.


9.30-10am: Registration (coffee/tea provided)


10-11am: Roundtable 1: Decolonise Cambridge

Janani Ambikapathy

Priyamvada Gopal

Chana Morgenstern

Lola Olufemi


11-12.30am: Panel 1: Poetry and Praxis

Chair: TBC

David Grundy: ‘Zero Hour: D.S. Marriott & Simone White’

Walt Hunter: ‘Riot of Sound: Claudia Jones’s Carceral Poetics’

Sumaya Kassim: ‘On (not) confessing: writing as a Muslim woman’

Nemequene Tundama: ‘I Don’t Sing for the Love of Singing’


12.30-1.30pm: Break (lunch not provided; see below for recommended eateries)


1.30-2.00pm: Roundtable 2: Octavia Poetry Collective

Rachel Long

Victoria Ann Bulley


2.00-3.30pm: Panel 2: Race and Poetics

Chair: Sophie Seita

Edmund Hardy: ‘The Cover That Uncovers: mixed-race poetics’

Nat Raha: ‘Poetics of the Creopole’

Dorothy Wang: ‘Whither Poetry Studies?’

Jennifer Wong: ‘Now you see me, now you don’t: translating racial difference in the works of

Hannah Lowe and Sarah Howe’


3.30-4pm: Break (coffee/tea provided)


4-5.00pm: Panel 3: Radical Black Traditions

Chair: Ronnie McGrath

Maryama Dahir: '404 Error – ‘Liberation’ Not Found'

Matt Martin: ‘Inventing New Ancestors: Kamau Brathwaite at the Poetry of the Americas


Deirdre Osborne: ‘Didactic Poetics: Critical, Creative, Consequentialist’


5.00-6.30pm: Break


| | | Judith E.Wilson Drama Studio | | |

* The Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio is in the basement of the Faculty of English. There is step-free access.


6.30-8pm: Poetry Reading 1

James Goodwin

Keith Jarrett

Safiya Kinshasa/Birdspeed

Ronnie McGrath


Saturday 27th October | | | Bowett Room, Queens’ College | | |


9.30-10am: Registration (coffee/tea provided)


10-11am: Roundtable 3: ‘Performing Thought: A collective poetics of mourning, (Asian) dislocation and

the futurities of antiracism’

Azad Ashim Sharma

Kashif Sharma-Patel

Ashwani Sharma


11-12.00pm: Roundtable 4: Race and Poetry in Scotland

Nadine Aisha Jassat

Alycia Pirmohamed

Zein Sadedin

Jay G Ying


12.00-12.30pm: Poetry Reading 2: Foyle Young Poets

Chair: Helen Bowell

Aisha Mango Borja

Meredith LeMaitre

Mukahang Limbu

Cia Mangat


12.30-1.30pm: Break (lunch not provided; see below for recommended eateries)


1.30-3pm: Panel 4: Indigenous Poetics

Chair: Amy De’Ath

Chinelo Ezenwa: ‘Stifling Indigenous Agency through Translation: the Igbo Psalms and a Poetics

of Decolonization’

So Mayer: ‘Sexuality as Survival: First Nations 2SQ Poetics as “Resurgent Method”’

Ananya Mishra: 'Mary Tallmountain’s Continuum: Reviving American Indian Networks of Intellectual Patronage as a Separation of Indigenous Women’s Positionality'

Sam Weselowski: ‘Jordan Abel and the Decolonial Praxis of Reading: Spatiality, Sociality,



3-3.30pm: Break (coffee/tea provided)


3.30-4.30pm: Keynote: Denise Ferreira da Silva

Chair: James Goodwin


4.30-5pm: Open Discussion


5-6.30pm: Break


| | | Venue TBC | | |

* Accessibility information TBC


6.30-8pm: Poetry Reading 3

Mary Jean Chan

Will Harris

Dorothea Smartt


Additional Information:


We can recommend the following places to eat lunch in Cambridge:


Rainbow Cafe (Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free restaurant on King’s Parade.)

Stem + Glory (Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free restaurant on King’s Street.)

Taste of Cambridge (Falafel van on Market Street.)


There are many more eateries, coffee shops, and supermarkets within 0.5 miles / 10-15 minutes walking distance from Queens’ College.